The quality management system of a company is overviewed by their quality manual. The quality manual demonstrates the main activities used to deliver quality products and services to the clients. It does not include procedures & work instructions which will be found in the appropriate level of management system documents.

Whilst fulfilling its above primary objective, New Vision’s Quality Manual will also be used for a number of other purposes such as:-

All personnel are permitted to access the Quality Manual & other Quality Management System documents, when necessary. The contents of Quality Manual must reflect the routine practices accurately. Suggestions for improvements on the effectiveness of systems, processes and procedures are encouraged. Only the duly authorized staff can make changes to the official documents.

The scope of Quality Management System applies to all the activities related to design, fabrication (of pressure vessels, storage tanks, heat exchangers, steel structures etc), and erection and commissioning of mechanical and chemical industrial projects, and civil construction activities.

If the nature of business or the scope of business changes significantly, steps will be taken to redefine the official scope of registration. Although this Quality Manual relates specifically to the activities within the official scope of registration, the same Quality Management System will be applied to all other activities of the Company (wherever applicable).